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Malaysia Travel Guide

Malaysia , one of the hottest tourist destinations in Asia , is visited by innumerable travelers round the year from all corners of the world, who come here to enjoy its quaint charm. The amazing tourist landmarks and the mind blowing hospitality of the locals are its major draw cards.

Overview: Located in South East Asia , the country enjoys the equatorial climate. October to February are the rainy seasons here and heavy rainfall is expected in this period. The country is separated into two parts by the South China Sea. Malaysia is the city of diversity. The cosmopolitan culture, exceptional geography and rich history differentiate it from the other countries in Asia .

Sightseeing: Sightseeing in Malaysia mainly includes exploring the countless pristine sea beaches, ancient landmarks, museums, and more. Kuala Lumpur , Melaka, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, all these places are abundant with tourist attractions.

Things to Do: The numerous attractions of this city will keep you busy all day round, even at night. The Nightlife is truly vibrant here. One can keep himself busy with numerous exciting activities. The city is the seventh heaven for shopaholics. Countless shopping centers and their amazing collection overpower the travelers. Trip to the country during the festive seasons to experience the true color and sound of it.

Dining: Savor the diverse delicious and mouthwatering cuisines that comprise both the local as well as many international. The Malaysian restaurants serve foods from the kitchens of all round the world.

Accommodation: The country is the home to numerous hotels which are suitable for both the budget and luxury tourists. The Istana Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kota Kinabulu rank amongst the finest hotels in the world.

Useful Information: The Transportation of the country is also excellent. Local people and the Government are quite helpful.

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