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Things to Do in Malaysia

One of the posh and glamorous countries in Southeast Asia , Malaysia is a fabulous place to spend a dream holiday. Tourists from various parts of the world come to Malaysia to enjoy its booming spirit that is reflected through its economy, culture, entertainment and overall progress. There are lots of things to do in Malaysia and sightseeing in Malaysia is definitely the best option of all. For sightseeing the best place to visit in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur , Melacca and Georgetown .

The city of Kuala Lumpur is also known as an 'Asian tiger' city. The swanky shopping malls, local and international restaurants, world class accommodations and mind blowing sky scrapers are the center point of sightseeing in Malaysia . The Petronas Twin Towers which is the tallest building in the world is the popular tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia .

Georgetown is another wonderful place for sightseeing in Malaysia which is popular for its oldest British settlement in Malaysia . Georgetown is also a popular shopping center in Malaysia .

Eating out is another popular thing to do in Malaysia . There are numerous fabulous restaurants in Malaysia and some of them are Tamarind Hill, The Rib Shop, Yoko's, 18-20th Century, 32 Restaurant, Abdul and Charlie, Ah Yat Abalone Forum, Ariasu Korean Restaurant, Bacco Ristorante Italiano etc.

Nightlife in Malaysia is vibrant and you will notice a long queue in front of the popular nightclubs in Malaysia such as Big Bike Pub and Karaoke, Beach Club Café, Modesto 's (Bar, Bistro & Club), Coco Jam Fun Pub & Disco and Galaxy Disco, Lounge and KTV.

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